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Security Alert: Malware Sites Moving Faster and Growing Quickly

AVG reports significant rise in threats

by Keith Wheeler


According to malware protection provider AVG, the number of websites currently distributing harmful code has risen considerably in recent weeks. Malware is software or code snippets designed to infiltrate and potentially damage user systems oftentimes without the user’s awareness or acknowledgement.

In past months, AVG monitored between 100,000 and 200,000 sites for malware distribution. That number has now risen to between 200,000 and 300,000 – a dramatic increase.

Apparently, these sites are being published and removed at a very rapid rate with some even being removed in less than a single day. It would suggest that the motivation for such swift turnover rates would be to reduce the effectiveness of blacklisting protection systems. These blacklists accumulate the addresses of sites in order to prevent subscribed users from accidentally accessing harmful sites.

Many of these “transient” sites are not independent sites, but rather blogs or legitimate sites which have been infected or corrupted. Rather than directly serve the malware from these locations, the user is instead directed to servers which readily attack the systems of the unsuspecting users.
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