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The U.S. and the world are using Windows 7 more than any other OS

Share for Windows 7 finally eclipses XP. What's your office using?

by Keith Wheeler


Since its launch back in the fourth quarter of 2009, Windows 7 has been a hit with both reviewers and users. According to web traffic analyst StatCounter, PC operating system market share for Windows 7 has now overtaken Windows XP.

With estimated market share of 40%, Windows 7 is now the most popular operating system on the planet. At the time of the launch of Windows 7, XP had a market share of almost 70%. That has dropped to just 38% of the market. All the while, Windows Vista stands at about 11% and Apple's OS X holds around an 8% share.

Windows 7 was a critical step forward for Microsoft as they didn't deliver a compelling case for upgrading from Windows XP with the release of Windows Vista. Vista was a fully redesigned operating system with enhanced security features which, unfortunately, happened to detract from the user experience. Many offices opted to stay with the venerable XP as it got the job done and was completely familiar to the user base.

Two quick points:

  • Windows XP has been available for more than ten years - since August of 2001. It was Microsoft's flagship operating system until the launch of Vista in January of 2007 meaning that it had six years where it was the only Windows OS shipped with new computers. Contrast that with Windows 7 which still competed directly with XP until just a few months ago in the form of downgrade availability. That means that Windows 7 climbed to the top of market share in a very short time against a rival OS that has been very popular for a decade.

  • The huge popularity of Apple's iOS which is used in iPhones, iPods and iPads, hasn't translated into substantially increased market share for Apple's OS X. Forecasts for PC demand may be softening due to competition from non-desktop computing devices, but Microsoft is still maintaining its dominance in that arena.
If your office is still using Windows XP, congratulations, you have gotten a lot out of that technology investment.  However, if you're ready for the improved security and user experience of Windows 7, contact a Responsive consultant to find out what it will take for your office to benefit from a truly stable and efficient version of Windows. 

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